Thursday, November 1, 2012

Stories submitted to Writers’ of the Future

I am a active participant in the Writers' of the Future contest. These are the stories I have submitted to date.

Swords or Sweetbread: An elf prince must decide between the peace keeping policies of his parents or the call to war by his allies.

Fugitive Princess: Two thieves are recruited by a exiled princess to save her kingdom from a evil magus. Placed Honorable Mention

Family Secret A young man and his sister find their entire lives changed after an encounter with a total stranger. They learn they are part of a family legacy that goes back nearly a thousand years.

Most recent:Three strangers come to a town known for a nature as rough as their own. An unexpected twist finds them leaving with a whole new perspective. Sorry I can’t say more about this one either but rules are rules. After the contest I will reveal more.

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