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The Secret Empire (The Iron Dragon, #3)The Secret Empire by Paul Genesse
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The series just keeps getting better. Bree and Daberius join Thor, Bellor and Drake on what everyone declares as a doomed quest to rid the world of the Dragon of Darkness. Their quest takes them deep into a forbidden land and the perils become more dangerous with each passing day. Do they succeed? I will say nothing more except this series will hold your attention from the moment you open The Golden Cord. Paul is a true master storyteller with a bright future.

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Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My Review of The Dragon Hunters

The Dragon Hunters (The Iron Dragon, #2)Book two of the Iron Dragon series takes the three companions on a treacherous series of adventures. As they close in on their quarry two more join their quest. Fantastic book. The entire Iron Dragon series is a must have for any fantasy reader

My thoughts on writing

I wanted to share my thoughts on this.   Maybe it is just me or I am a little slow but until recently I never realized there was a difference in those two statements.
I have said the words “I am writing”  for years.  I have been writing everything from simple poems to this trilogy for the last 20 years. I always considered myself a writer because of it.  I always knew that someday I would get around to getting published when I was done being a single mom, had a job that I made decent money at so I didn’t have to stress about being a single mom, and the list of excuses went on and on.
Two years ago I was called home to take care of my mother who had been given 6 months to live. One night we got on the subject of my “being a writer” and she said something to me that changed my entire perspective.  She looked at me and said “Dreams don’t come true unless you are Cinderella, baby girl.  Only you can make your dream your reality.”
My beloved mother became very ill a few short weeks after she made that statement and I had to place her in the hospital.  She never came home again but her words drove themselves deeper into my very being as I watched her slip farther and farther away.  My final tribute to her is to see if I can make this dream a reality.
Needless to say I dug out the three binders a few days after that conversation and decided it was time to stop dreaming.   I wrote the first notes for The Enemy Within over 20 years ago and over the years I added to it until it became a trilogy but I never had the discipline to finish it.
In a random moment I contacted a vanity press and to my surprise they wanted the manuscript.  Luckily I have learned that it is not the direction I even want to consider but it forced me to finally finish the books.  As I struggled to do that I realized why I never finished them before.  It was no longer fun it was work.
That was when I realized a strange metamorphosis began to happen.  As I struggled with the need to meet this invisible deadline the work became a sense of pride.  That chapter that finally flowed , the conversation that changed everything, the scene that made you cry or scream or cheer.
I was having people read chapters for me and they were begging for more so I would stay up half the night to accommodate them.  People were even stopping me in the street and telling me that they starting buying the paper again because of my articles.  I started to realize that I had the power to reach people in a way I never knew I had.
I also began to realize I had a responsibilty to put forth the best effort my ability allowed. To do that meant more work but I was determined to find out what that ability was. To do that I had to be willing to expose myself and ironically enough the more I have exposed myself the more stonger I have become. I have gone from hiding my work in a drawer to eagerly waiting for that critique so that I can learn and adapt.
Now I don’t feel I am anywhere near the point I can consider myself a professional but I am beginning to realize there is a difference between “I am writing”  and “I am a writer” :  One is the act of doing and the other is a sense of being.  Anyone can write a few words but a true writer can change a reader’s world in just a few words.

My Review of Witch Song

Witch Song (Witch Song, #1)

Witch Song (Witch Song #1)


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reviewI love it when I find a book that forces me to put everything on hold. This was one of those books. Fantastic book! A must read.

My debut novel

The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within is officially released
The cities of Salaria and Tarson are on the verge of collapse as the raids begin taking their toll. The people are angry, scared, and are beginning to turn on each other, the garrison, and the Gods.
High Priest Paulis Stenson seized the perfect opportunity to claim what he felt was his birthright. High Priestess Coriane Van Ives is all that stood between him and his place as High Priest after his father. Her exile blessed him with the opportunity he needed to make his move.
Coriane’s twin brother Commander Shadoe Van Ives learns that betrayal has compromised the people he trusted the most. His cousin, Commander Tamaron Carnell, proves to be the one person he can finally trust but it may be too late.
After two devastating battles Shadoe and Tamaron realize the simple raids and the crippling conspiracy are the least of their problems. All indication is pointing toward a war over Salaria and Tarson and they are the only two who can prevent it.
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Review of The Golden Cord

Paul writes an incredible story that not only has all the standard action but he also explores the deeper sides of existence. He is not afraid to bring the reader face to face with arcane ideals, accepting fate, staring death in the eye and coming to terms with it or the unbreakable bond of honor.
The Golden Cord is a must read for any fantasy writer who enjoys the adventure but also relishes those moments when you pause to ponder.
Lynette White Author of The Enemy Within

Review of the Unrembered

The sudden changes in the story frustrated me but yet I could not bring myself to put it down unless demands forced me to. As soon as those demands were satisfied I had the book back in my hand. Well done Peter! I anxiously await the release your next book.

Lynette White Author The Enemy Within.

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My review of The Secret Empire

The Secret Empire by Paul Genesse The Epic story of the four Draken Viergur and the Wing Guardian continues. Just as in the Golden Cord and The Dragon Hunters you are swept through a fast paced adventure with danger at every turn. The companions find themselves consistently combating assassins, enemies, and even betrayal within their own group. Even if you have not read the two previous books The Secret Empire will keep your attention. This book is not as spit and polish as the others but the errors are only slight distractions. Well done Paul. <a href="http://www.goodreads.com/book/show