Thursday, November 1, 2012

Short stories to be included in Anthology

I am excited to announce that I will participating in a anthology collection of short stories. I will have up to nine stories included in this collection with 12 other writers. The first groups of stories will be released in the next few weeks. My stories so far to be included in the project are:

True Desire: A evil hearted king is giving 30 days change his heart.

Exodus: A free spirited manling is recruited to save a village of starving families.
Homecoming: A broken-hearted woman returns the beach she swore she never would to find someone waiting for her.

Jarob: As a family gathers to mourn their beloved grandmother three cousins learn their Nana did not live alone.

Kevin: Two gang members on the hunt for each other find a lost child and their souls.

Last Hope: An elf healer ventures into a dead land with her twin brother to find a legendary staff.

Accounting: A visit to an old neighbor while on family vacation completely changes Kerrie’s destiny.

Perspective: An ancient tablet allows a father to see himself in his son's eyes and discovers to true meaning of love. Second Place Winner.

Final one for 2012 Anthology: Prodigal Son: A brother travels to a tavern in the middle of the swamp to keep a promise and redeem a brother.

Stories submitted to Writers’ of the Future

I am a active participant in the Writers' of the Future contest. These are the stories I have submitted to date.

Swords or Sweetbread: An elf prince must decide between the peace keeping policies of his parents or the call to war by his allies.

Fugitive Princess: Two thieves are recruited by a exiled princess to save her kingdom from a evil magus. Placed Honorable Mention

Family Secret A young man and his sister find their entire lives changed after an encounter with a total stranger. They learn they are part of a family legacy that goes back nearly a thousand years.

Most recent:Three strangers come to a town known for a nature as rough as their own. An unexpected twist finds them leaving with a whole new perspective. Sorry I can’t say more about this one either but rules are rules. After the contest I will reveal more.