Wednesday, July 18, 2012

My debut novel

The Enemy Within

The Enemy Within is officially released
The cities of Salaria and Tarson are on the verge of collapse as the raids begin taking their toll. The people are angry, scared, and are beginning to turn on each other, the garrison, and the Gods.
High Priest Paulis Stenson seized the perfect opportunity to claim what he felt was his birthright. High Priestess Coriane Van Ives is all that stood between him and his place as High Priest after his father. Her exile blessed him with the opportunity he needed to make his move.
Coriane’s twin brother Commander Shadoe Van Ives learns that betrayal has compromised the people he trusted the most. His cousin, Commander Tamaron Carnell, proves to be the one person he can finally trust but it may be too late.
After two devastating battles Shadoe and Tamaron realize the simple raids and the crippling conspiracy are the least of their problems. All indication is pointing toward a war over Salaria and Tarson and they are the only two who can prevent it.
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